Di4C Training Packages are meant:
         *   to promote gender sensitive workplaces
         *   to enable organizations to effectively leverage their staff skills
         *   to facilitate organizational goals through enhanced strategic planning
         *   to help achieve organizational excellence

To know in detail about the training packages, please write to Malika Basu at info@di4c.org with Sub: "Di4C training packages". All training packages are further customized to suit organizational needs.

A. Interactive and Participatory Workshop on "Theory of Change"
# Level 1 (Basic Level) : A half-a-day (3-3.5hrs) session that helps organizational staff to understand, in a simplified manner, the concept of "Theory of change" (TOC); and enables them to clearly identify and develop a TOC pathway for their organization.

# Level 2 (Advanced): A one day session (5-6hrs) that enables organizational staff to put theory into practice; and evaluate their (ongoing) work to gauge whether it is following the TOC pathway it had identified for itself under Level 1.

NGOs and Other Development Organizations can opt for both or either of the sessions; though Level 1 is highly advisable. Both the levels facilitate interactive conversations; individual/group/team exercises and active participation from participants.

B. Dialoguing with Adolescent Girls
A unique programme that enables young adolescent girls to rediscover “self” through a Di4C model of “5-Is”; guides them to appreciate and enhance their relationship with family, peers, and the community; and inspires them to become achievers and change-makers.

Conducted in a highly participatory mode, this is a three-day training programme divided into multiple sessions around Di4C’s “5-Is” Model. The last session is an interface between adolescent girls and their parents. Training includes a rapid assessment through a questionnaire at the start and at the end of the training programme.

C. Changing Mindsets and Behaviours through Influential Conversations
A training package - best introduced as part of organizational capacity building activity.

It's key purpose is to sensitize and train staff of organizations especially on some key gender issues; also enhance their capacities: awareness, understanding, behavior and action.

A four member resource team comprising a legal expert; communication specialist; gender & child protection specialist; and admin-moderator conducts this training, which is divided into four Sessions of 2.5 days each spread across 6-8 months.

D. Understanding Gender; and Streamlining to Mainstream Gender in organizations
This training package offers a series of sessions.

Organizations can choose from a 3 hrs. session on "Understanding Gender"/Gender Mainstreaming for a Transformative Change to a one-day session on "Doing a Rapid Gender Assessment of Organization and its Work" or a two/three -day all-encompassing session that includes "Developing an understanding of how gender matters for development outcomes; as well as pointers to a Gender Action Plan".

Organizations can choose one or many sessions that this package includes. This course is best when customized to organization's profile and work.

E. Fit Body Fit Mind
Eating Healthy and Staying Fit Can be Difficult... a Fit Body can however make you "SMARTER"!

Di4C offers guidance sessions on "fitness and self-defense" for organizations through a qualified and professional trainer.

These are 3 hrs. Sessions only.

F. Doing Knowledge Management
Leveraging Knowledge Management empowers any organization towards greater efficiency, effectiveness, also innovations.

Di4C offers sessions on strategic importance of knowledge management, and how to go about doing knowledge management to facilitate organizational sharing and learning, preservation of institutional memory, and develop resource banks - so as not to reinvent the wheel!

These are 3 hrs. Sessions only.

Anuja Gupta | Founder and Executive Director

RAHI Foundation engaged with Di4C first in 2017 when it conducted an evaluation of one of our programmes. More recently we engaged them to strengthen our monitoring and evaluation system and help develop a Common Reporting System (CRS). Di4C also conducted a session with us on Theory of Change that helped us clearly articulate and present the organisation’s pathway of change. We have not only gained immensely from their technical knowledge, skills and services but have also found them patient, thorough and great learning partners. We enjoy working with Di4C and look forward to our continued association with them.

D Narendranath | Executive Director

PRADAN has been wanting to strengthen its internal learning and knowledge management system. In this regard, we got associated with Di4C, which helped us to meticulously run through the process of creatively conceptualizing and laying out a learning and knowledge system that would be IT enabled. Our online learning portal so developed will be launched soon. For the PRADAN team that was involved with Malika in particular, it was a great learning experience. She did a step by step hand-holding for us to understand the process of building an organizational (online) learning system. It made us appreciate the usefulness of doing knowledge management, also so that both our institutional history and previous work do not need to be reinvented! We are looking forward to the launch of our online portal, and hope to remain associated with Di4C for their guidance and support.

Akang Ao | Managing Director
Alpine Concern

Alpine Concern has always advocated strongly on quality education and to provide a clear direction to students for their future career growth. Organizing the Teachers' Conclave in Dimapur/Nagaland was basically to address the contemporary challenges pertinent in teachers for professional development for quality teaching. Our sincere appreciation to Di4C team headed by Dr. Malika Basu for conducting the "Teachers Professional Development" (TPD) session effectively, and coming out with a wonderful Way Forward note. The conclave gave the participants an opportunity to understand the concept of "Teachers Professional Development" and to develop the best practices and approach for effective teaching and learning. For Alpine Concern, it was a beautiful association and we had great time working together with Di4C. We look forward to continue our association and engage ourselves in our various upcoming projects.

Vithika Yadav RNW | Head - India
Love Matters India

Di4C's session on Theory of Change provided us with a comprehensive overview of what the TOC process means and entails. Specifically, the activity that centered on discussing the role and responsibilities of different team members was very helpful.

It provided some food for thought, as well as action points on further team building and improving communication within the team. The Level 1 session was helpful in terms of articulating and consolidating a shared goal and vision for Love Matters (LM) India, and to have all the team members on the same page regarding the goal we are working towards, collectively.

Our team has a suggestion that the 3 hour time allotted for Level 1 must be extended. Overall, the TOC session was highly interactive and provided us an opportunity to also think more about how we can get LM India on the radar of other organizations and groups, build on our current reach and audience, and amplify our work.

Shubhangi Sharma | Executive Director
Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM)

The Theory of Change (TOC) session conducted by Di4C was engaging and interactive. It indeed was felt helpful for the team to critically review their current roles and introspect against the organisational goal and ToC. The session has helped us to deep dive and understand where we are and where we want to be. The slot wise activities were completing to our requirement. There was a significant need for a session like this. We also felt post session that keeping in view the change we are striving for there is a continuous need to examine the processes, steps and short-term outputs & outcomes and also revisit our specific job roles. Thank you for guiding us towards the right direction.