Di4C's first-class services are meant to keep you, your work and organization competitively ahead of others.

Through its Knowledge management and consultancy services, Di4C offers a range of Specialty/Core Services to add real value to the development work undertaken by organizations and professionals. There are some Special Services that Di4C offers to help you with - to add to your development profile and work of the organization.

Stay better informed with Di4C and gain from the expertise it offers through its knowledge-based services and the tangible solutions specific to the issue of your concern and interest.

Di4C also initiates its own projects to creatively and constructively contribute towards society. For its new ideas and initiatives, Di4C will work in partnerships with like-minded organizations and professionals with a vision of change.

Please write to info@di4c.org or mbasu@di4c.org for more details on Di4C's services.
  • Core Services
  • Innovative Programme Designs
Initiating something new and innovative? Di4C can help you to Programme Design your ideas - that will form the strong foundation of your work and provide the desired results.

  • Research and Documentation
Di4C offers services that includes researching new ideas and process documentation so that institutional memories and innovative and successful models are not lost in transition. Research with insightful analysis delivers high value customized solutions. Systematic and analytical research and documentation is meant to help organizations to use it for policy inputs or advocacy in decision making channels.

  • Evaluation and Appraisal
Di4C offers guidance on appraisal and evaluation techniques and procedures. It undertakes evaluation and appraisals to review and enhance performance and efficiency of programmes (also organizations) as well as encapsulate the learnings.

  • Policy Analysis
Di4C provides review and policy analysis services aimed at systematic assessment - from an inclusive perspective and focusing on gender gaps - of policies and programmes, both developmental and organizational.

  • Advocacy and Support Services
Di4C provides advocacy and support services to equip organizations better in terms of handling their advocacy programmes and optimizing stakeholder communication and engagement at various levels including media.

  • Technical Editing
From Di4C you can get technical editing and support in writing and publishing your reports, informative documents, Guidance Notes, Manuals, Handouts, etc.

  • Creative Conceptualization
Di4C provides creative conceptualization in developing audio-visual products including film scripts, making video documentation, short-films or documentaries.

  • Training
To create an informed understanding, Di4C offers expert guidance and trainings - including gender trainings - on various issues that influence us both in public and private domain, and consequently impact the (development) work we undertake. Additionally, Di4C offers customized services to organizations -training/guidance on fitness and self-defense for its staff- through qualified and professional trainer. Please view Di4C's Training Packages.

  • Assistive Knowledge Inputs
Di4C is like a "resource hub" for development practitioners and professionals. It not only facilitates their work but also develops and prepares customized products to meet specific organizational needs.

  • Special Services
  • Online Knowledge Portals
Di4C helps in developing portal content; run online discussions; provide regular, updated and relevant information for uploading on your website.

  • Knowledge Networks
Di4C helps to develop database of professionals, experts, organizations, in specific sectors and thematic areas.

  • Knowledge Based Learning Events
Di4C facilitates as a 'knowledge partner' thematic learning events that strengthens understanding of particular issues, guides and trains professionals, organizational staff and better equips them.

  • Knowledge Melas
Brings professionals and development organizations to highlight their work and share yours; meant to promote networking and exploring areas of collaboration and strategic partnerships.

  • Knowledge Cafe Sessions
Di4C facilitates Knowledge Cafe Sessions. In future, Di4C dreams to set up its own Knowledge Cafe Studios - a creative hub that will provide a platform for discussions around coffee tables while promoting multiple activities that allows people to appreciate other people's work, stay in touch with reality and their surroundings!